I am an information professional. What this means in practice is that I’m a jack-of-all-trades resource for my employer, which currently is a market/social research organisation in Melbourne, Australia. I am involved in designing and running research projects, and in managing, modifying and maintaining the software system that our research projects rely upon, and updating and maintaining the hardware and operating system environment that this software requires. I program in ASP.NET and HTML and Javascript and PHP and XML. I automate business processes through Microsoft Office, and I edit research reports using Adobe Photoshop and InDesign professionally and theatre programs in my spare time. I design content management systems and I manage content, through Umbraco and DotNetNuke and Sharepoint. I look after DNS and DHCP and ActiveDirectory. I also help out with printer paper jams.

In my extracurricular activities I write fiction, and I compose and perform music, and in a parallel life I am director of music for a local church. I am an avid aficionado of, and whenever possible performer in, musical theatre. I am trained as a biological scientist, qualified as a librarian and experienced as a publisher. I am a computer gamer and a player of chess. I am a voracious reader of fantasy and science fiction and crime mysteries. I am a husband and the father of a young daughter.

My interests run the gamut from science and technology – with a particular interest in biotechnology and in computing; through climate change and the environment and biosustainability; through church politics, and national politics, and global sociology; to the future of the human species. As a father I am interested in the short-term benefit and destiny of Australia and the opportunities offered to those of future generations. More generally, I am firmly committed to the future of our species as a whole. Unfortunately this may come at the detriment of individuals, or groups, or countries.

This blog will cover all the above topics and anything else that catches my opinion. And I have an opinion on everything.

Feel free to comment and share yours.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Do you have a link to your fiction work? That is if you’ve written any for your blog?

    Politics – though perhaps I should say politicians angers me. I’m so sick of their lies, their lies and their lies. Do none of them have the least shred of integrity? In 2012 I was invited to write for a political blog, and did so for about 12 months, but it suddenly just disappeared from blogdom and the owner was not able to be contacted. Maybe it’s just as well…I found myself becoming increasingly angry by what I read in the papers and saw on the news broadcasts. Now I stick to writing crime, mystery and science fiction along with the occasional indulgent post about my grandchildren.

    • Hi Lyn,

      Which political blog were you contributing to? I’m an occasional (too infrequent at present!) author on the Australian Independent Media Network, but most that I publish there end up here as well.

      I maintain a separate blog for fiction: http://tfaof.wordpress.com/. I haven’t put anything new up since October last year – too busy trying to finish my long-form work!

      Cheers – OF

      • Sorry, computer shut down and it took me a while to find your blog again. Didn’t occur to me to just check out those who follow me 😦

        The political blog I contributed to was Had Enough. Even the previous link I had for it no longer works, and a Google search brings up a blog that isn’t it. Not a word from the blog’s owner, Sean Greenwood, before it disappeared either. All very mysterious. Who knows…maybe he was TWEPed 🙂

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